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          How does the internet influence us?

For the past few years the Internet has brought many different advantages and disadvantages. In today’s world, people use Internet for communication, source of researching, educational purposes and many other reasons. Internet has influenced us in different ways. For example, making us stay home all day chatting, playing, watching or listening rather than going outside and playing with friends/families. How does the Internet influence us?


Some people think Internet has not changed our lives for several reasons. First of all, they probably haven’t seen the good side of internet and how much it can change and make life easier. For example, why go to mall and shop when you can order it online but it might kill some time though. Secondly, they probably don’t use it as much as other people who think Internet has influenced us or they don’t find it as useful as others do. Also, there might be more reason why people think Internet has not influenced us but that’s all we can guess by now.


Most people think Internet has change mankind because of its advantages. Internet is one of the most popular daily activities in the world. Basically, internet allows us to access too many things that we cannot access with our brains. For example, it allows us to communicate around the world wirelessly. Can you image crossing seas with boat, just to send a letter to someone or put a letter in the bottle and throw it in the oceans and wait years and years for receiver to receive it? Back in time when there was, no internet, or there wasn’t any communication devices, humans had to travel far distance to interact with each other but now day’s people just use internet to chat with our families/friends from long distance.


          When it comes to revolution, I think Internet has influenced us in the past few years. Some people may think that Internet has not influenced us but it actually has. Moreover, some people rely on Internet to their job. For instance, they do their homework using Internet to search for answers to their questions.